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Glow Boosting Facial Cups

Glow Boosting Facial Cups

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Are you one of those skincare geeks who are always concerned about their skin?
The glow-boosting facial cups by Uma Ghosh are a one-stop solution to aid many skin conditions.

The set of four facial cups by Uma Ghosh is reliable to last longer than any usual facial cups. A non-toxic and organic product which is formulated with medical-grade silicone and glass. Also, it does not consist of any harmful chemicals.

The suction produced by cupping is meant to work wonders. It minimizes lymph fluid, puffiness, sagging, and premature ageing. Besides, it restores the natural radiance of the skin.

  • It boosts skin radiance by increasing blood flow to the skin, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the face, and helping the skin look healthier.

  • It helps with lymphatic drainage, one of our body's natural detox mechanisms.

  • It reduces fine lines and texture with the help of increased blood flow, strengthening your skin's elasticity.

  • It helps make the skin plumper and less prone to sagging because of increased collagen production and improved elasticity.

  • It helps depuff the face, which means less swelling around those under-eye bags and less water retention on the face.

  • It stimulates collagen production, boosting the natural collagen in the skin.

  • It lifts your cheeks, jowl area, eyes etc, because of its ability to improve circulation in these areas so that it can be a great anti-ageing tool.

The glowing cup set comes with

  • A pair of large cups having a length of 8cm/3.15 in and a diameter of 4cm/1.57in and

  • A pair of small cups having a length of 5cm/1.97in and a diameter of 1.5cm/0.59in.

  • Facial cupping stimulates, clears, and detoxifies skin and the skin underneath.

  • Facial cupping breaks up stagnant congestion in the facial tissue while stimulating blood flow.

  • Facial cupping helps activate your lymphatic system, clearing waste from the facial tissues.

  • Place the cup on the face and apply gentle suction over the entire face.

  • Glide the cup in sweeping strokes to massage the face and boost blood flow.

  • Use your hand to hold the skin behind the cups to prevent pulling the skin.

  • Don't let children near cupping equipment.

  • Do not use it on fresh scars, blemishes, sunburned or broken skin, or skin inflammation.

  • Do not use it if you have thin skin that bruises easily.

  • Do not place cups over the mouth or nose.

  • Avoid placing cups over arteries.

  • Avoid using in areas with broken capillaries.

  • Avoid facial cups if you have botox or filler injections in the cupping area.

  • Avoid leaving cups in the same spot for too long, as bruising may occur.

  • Do not boil or sterilize the cups.

  • Wash the cups with soap and warm water.

  • Let the cups dry naturally.

  • Keep the cups in sustainable fabric bags.

The product comes in a fabric pouch made out of sustainable fabric.

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