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Facial Gua Sha

Facial Gua Sha

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Everyone has the right to have glowing and flawless skin. Amidst the tech-driven innovations in the beauty sector, ancient beauty treatments are also returning to the trend.

Presenting you the Uma Ghosh Gua Sha tool for the face.

Gua Sha is a face massaging tool that originated back in the early 60s. It is an ancient beauty treatment from Chinese tradition. It improves blood circulation, reduces puffiness, drains lymphatic fluid and much more.

Gua Sha face massaging tool by Uma Ghosh is formulated to give your face a mini-workout. With the right massaging technique and regular use, you can notice the results within a short time.

Caution: Gua Sha practitioners should sterilize the tool before every usage to avoid infection. Also, due to its fragile character, it is advised to handle it with care

Since the Gua Sha tool originates from traditional Chinese beauty techniques, it contains many benefits to harvest by revealing amazing results slowly and gradually. Considering the fact that every skin is different from one another, Gua Sha is designed to meet up with what your skin mandates and repair accordingly. Here are some evident benefits stated by the folks who used our product

Tighten and defines the skin:

Gua Sha tool tones and sculpts the skin with the right massage moves. It relaxes your facial muscles rendering less puffiness and firmer cheekbones.

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles:

It assists in diminishing wrinkles by improving blood circulation and releasing muscle tension. It also addresses sagging skin where blood does not reach.

Reduces pigmentation:

With regular use, it deals with pigmented skin and stimulates oxygen flow. Gua Sha generates movements in tissues in such a way that it reduces hyperpigmentation as it brings blood and nutrition to neglected areas.

Heal acne:

Gua Sha face massage tool modifies the skin by detoxifying the lymphatic system. The correct massage tactics target the top layer of lymphatic fluid which leads to a smoother skin surface. It helps the skin get desired nourishment and reduces the redness & size of acne.

Deals with pores:

Massage gently with a thumb for better grip. It can enhance circulation and deliver oxygen all over the skin treating pores.

The massage tool comes in a very unique and handy architecture. Moreover, it is a patented design by Uma Ghosh.

U-Shaped Structure:

U-Shaped edge tones your brow bone, jawline, and neckline.

Comb Edges

Comb edges go deeper into the muscles by rejuvenating the surface of your skin.

Short Flat Edge:

It is mainly designed for the under-eye, eyelids, and eye areas.

Tipped Edge:

It covers the acupressure point all over the face.

Thumb impression:

Thumb impression helps to hold the Gua Sha properly to glide efficiently throughout the face.

The length of the product is 6.5cm

The width of the product is 8.5cm

The U-Shaped Edge- 3.5cm

The Comb Edge- 3.5cm and 4cm.

The Short Edge- 3cm.

The Long Edge- 3.5cm and 4cm.

Black Bian Stone is the only and most crucial ingredient of Gua Sha Stone. The Black Bian stone consists of 40 minerals. It is considered the ultimate gemstone of ancient Chinese beauty treatment.

The stone dredges the human body’s channels, improves blood circulation, and eliminates heat & toxins from the human body. Bian stone works efficiently on the blood circulation, making it run faster.

It purifies the blood & the blood vessels and ensures to increase oxygen & nutrition supply to various body organs.

  • Before starting any skincare process, the first and foremost step is cleansing the respective body part, eradicating dirt and bacteria.

  • In this cleansing process, the stone should be cleaned thoroughly.

  • Then apply oil. It will help the stone to glide more smoothly.

  • Begin with an oiled neck, and glide the stone from the neck in an upwards direction to the jawline. Avoid too much pressure.

  • To scrape the jawline, put the stone on the chin and slide it to the corner of the jawline.

  • Massage the cheeks, under-eye, and hairline with the designated edges.

  • Conclude the massage session with skincare and voila.

Likewise every tool, the Gua Sha tool, also ought to be cleaned every day. It will not take much time and effort.

There are three most convenient ways to clean the stone.

  • Hot water and soap.

  • Apply some alcohol.

  • You can also spray essential oil for cleaning the stone.

  • You can recharge it every full moon night by keeping it outside so it absorbs the full moon energy.

  • Don't use it on wounded skin.

  • Keep it away from children.

  • People with sensitive skin are advised to use it gently.

  • This is fragile and breakable so store it in a safe place. Handle it more precisely when it is wet.

  • Learning the correct way to use stone will deliver better results.

  • Don't expect to return or exchange the stone once the order is placed.

  • Uma Ghosh Gua Sha tool has been handcrafted with 100% natural Black Bian stone.

  • The size, texture, and color of the stone may vary from one another as it is purely handcrafted.

  • Stay assured about the performance and application because it remains unaffected regardless of size, texture, and color.

  • What is best, serum or oil?
    • You can use what you are more comfortable with. It can be serum, oil, or moisturizer. Although oil is advised for best glides.
  • Is gua sha safe for all?
    • Gua sha is safe for everyone.
  • How to clean up the stone?
    • Gua Sha Stone by Uma Ghosh should go through the cleaning process before and after use. You can easily clean it with hot water and soap, rub alcohol over it, or use an essential oil spray.

The product comes in a pouch and a box. Perfect for a gift too.

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